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Arrival by bus: 1500 meter (19min slowly walking) or city bus. www.foli

Arrival by train: 800 meter (10 minutes walking slowly)

Arrival by boat: 2,6km. Take bus 1 and get off the bus infront of Radison Blu hotel (Marina Palace).

Then walk 220 meter to the apartment.

Arrival by air: 9,4km. Take bus 1 and get of the bus in front of Radison Blu hotel (Marina Placa).

Then walk 290 meter to the apartment.

Arriving by car: Free parking at Ursininkatu. 12 Hour free parking at a part of Eerikinkatu.

In general free parking between 9-18 (Mon-Fri), Saturdays 9-15.

Free parking on Sundays. Otherwise in general 1,5 €/hour.


Other distances

River, make a wonderful stroll along the river, 220 meter

Market hall, Kauppa halli, 450 meter

River boats ,eat & drink, 500 meter

Market square, cheapest market in Finland, 550 meter

Turku Art Museum, Turun Taide Museo, 950 meter

Turku Cathedral, Turun Tuomiokirko, 1300 meter

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, 1100 meter

Handicrafts museum, Luostarin Maki, 1200 meter

Maritime Museum, Forum Marinum, 1900 meter

Turku castle, Turun linna, 2200 meter


Other things: Ruissallo Island, Muuminworld, Naantali, Sibelius museum,

Tuorla Planetarium, Väski's adventure world, Art chapel at Hirvensalo,

Botanical Garden, Flowpark, JukuPark Waterpark, Adventure- Park in

Kupittaa Park, Zoolandia, Turku Library, Super Park Turku, and many more.


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